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3 Reasons Why Business Analysts Need Certification


It’s estimated that the need for business analysts will grow by 14 percent by 2024.1 Individuals can help prepare themselves to enter this field by earning business analyst certifications. Also, by getting a BA certification, those currently in the profession can expand their skill set and keep it current, as well as increase their earning potential.2


Why You Should Pursue a Business Analyst Certification

In many cases, certification is not mandatory for becoming a business analyst. However, it can ease entry into the field as well as help current BAs grow their career.

Here are a few reasons you should consider earning a business analyst certification:

1. Certification validates your skill set -- Getting certified is a great way to build credibility as a business analyst. Hiring managers are very interested in hearing real-life examples of how you utilized your business analysis skills in the past, but they also appreciate having it proven to them by a highly objective source that you possess those skills.

Certification validates your skills as a business analyst. If your skill set is already impressive, certification makes it obvious to potential employers. If your skill set is not yet where you want it to be (i.e., if you are just starting out), a foundational business analyst certification will equip you with competencies that can open up a whole new world of opportunity.

2. Certification can help to increase your salary -- The average entry-level salary for a BA is at least $67,000.2 While generous pay is not usually the main reason people choose to pursue a career in business analysis, it’s certainly a perk of the job.  

To increase your earning potential as a business analyst, invest in certification. The ROI can be considerable. For example, the global average (non-entry-level) for women is $78,980, and $75,410 for men. “In comparison, the average salary of top 5 certification holders came in at $85,804, or an 11% increase in earnings, showing a significant advantage to pursuing a certification,” per Business Analyst Salary.3

By investing in certification, you are helping to increase your future paychecks.

3. Certification builds your peer network -- According to LinkedIn, 85 percent of jobs are filled via networking.4 This statistic explains why business analysts (or any professional, for that matter), should put concentrated effort into networking.

There are many ways business analysts can network, including getting certified. “Joining a study group or taking an exam preparation class is a common way to begin your preparation for (a business analyst) certification,” stated Watermark Learning.5 “The chance to meet and interact with peers seeking the same objective is an invaluable networking opportunity.”

Networking doesn’t have to be a separate activity from training. Getting certified as a business analyst helps you kill two birds with one stone.

Certification Helps Grow Your Business Analysis Career

Professionals across a number of industries can benefit from certification. In the field of business analysis, certification validates professionals’ skills, helps to increase their salary, and builds their peer network. Learn more about business analyst certification.

If you are just getting started as a Business Analyst or are looking to build up your resume to make the switch into the industry, now is a good time to complete IIBA’s ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis). Research confirms certification increases your earning power. Spending less than 1% of your salary could give you an 8% increase with certification from IIBA.6 Learn more how to certify your future with IIBA’s ECBA certification.



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