Skip to content 3-Part Blog Series – Part 1: Create Organizational Change by Advocating for Business Analysis

3-Part Blog Series – Part 1: Create Organizational Change by Advocating for Business Analysis

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Organizational change can start with one. This is great news if you don’t have much corporate support yet want to create organizational change. With a few tips, you can create lasting, company-wide change. 

How to create organizational change with business analysis and tips on how to improve connection and communication with business analysts.


3 Tips for Creating Organizational Change 

Inciting change as a party of one can feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t  have to be. Here are a few ideas for creating the business change you desire:

1. Connect with business analysis professionals  - If you want to create change, start by touching base with business analysis professionals, who are enablers of change. The Zarantech blog stated, “Business Analysts are usually tagged as ‘Change Agents,’ as they play a crucial role in guiding enterprises in taking the necessary steps to find innovations and change their services for structuring an organization.”  

2. Foster communication with business analysis professionals - If you want to create change, you’ll need to take steps to promote communication and collaboration with business analysis professionals. One practical way to do this is by starting a Yammer group. You could also socialize business analysis templates, stories, and standards. Becoming the catalyst for the enablement of a common language will help you promote communication and collaboration that facilitates change.  

3. Advocate for business analysis capability - Business analysis creates value by increasing a team’s efficiency in projects. It reduces costs, delivers value, and increases ROI. Get the organizational leaders at your company committed to building business analysis capability by reaching out to the IIBA. The IIBA will advocate for business analysis at your organization by helping you get buy-in from key business leaders.  
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Business Analysis Education and Advocacy Promotes Organizational Change   

By advocating for business analysis in strategic ways, you can create organizational change. Connecting with business analysis professionals, keeping lines of communication with analysts open, and getting buy-in from the right organizational leaders via education and support from the IIBA will ensure you see change sooner rather than later.

Drive Business Transformation with the Strategy to Execution Framework 

Interested in getting a roadmap for successful business transformation? The Strategy to Execution Framework is the resource you’ve been looking for. The Framework is a companion to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) Guide.

The Strategy to Execution Framework helps those engaged with strategic business analysis work more effectively with the organization to guide the business in moving from strategy to execution. Download your free preview copy of the Framework to learn more.  


About The Author:
Sema Sali

Sema Sali is a business analysis ambassador at IIBA, leveraging the intercept of marketing with business analysis to increase awareness of the value and criticality of business analysis to the success of organizations in today’s complex and disruptive world. She contributes to the growth of IIBA’s ecosystem through marketing efforts of IIBA’s Organizational Programs for Corporate, Academic and Endorsed Education Providers.



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