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2019 Most Loved Podcasts


As we celebrate the end of 2019 it is a great time to recap our most popular podcasts. Below are the top 5 trending podcasts and suggested listening.

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#1 Data Analytics tops our list with more than 1,000 downloads. This podcast features Lori Silverman, The Shift Strategist and Founder/CEO of Partners for Progress® discussing the importance of data and how it can help business analysis professionals provide essential insights and actions to drive business success. If you enjoy this session, we recommend also listening to Business Data Analytics with Laura Paton, MBA, CBAP, IIBA-AAC, Product Manager Consultant, IIBA. In this podcast, Laura shares a closer look at the current state of data analytics and how the new IIBA products will help BA professionals capture opportunities in Business Data Analytics. 

#2 The Business Analysis Career Path snags the second spot with almost 1,000 downloads. Guest speaker Kevin Brennan, Chief Business Analyst, Straiteis Consulting examines the dynamic and ever-changing business analysis career path. Tune in to learn more about the opportunities that exist within the business analysis profession. 

#3 Digital Transformation captures audiences attention as listeners look to understand what digital transformation means for BA professionals. Join Ashish Mehta, Managing Director India, APAC & Global Thought Leader, IIBA in conversation about digital transformation and its impact on global business. 

#4 What does it take to be a BA? engaged listeners considering career opportunities in business analysis. Guest Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant and Director, Blackmetric Business Solutions shares his insights with professionals looking to start a career in business analysis and shares the skillset necessary to jumpstart your new career. 

#5 Advancing Your Agile Career Path features Jas Phul, CBAP, Director, IP and Product Development, IIBA discussing career and professional opportunities associated with Agile. 

If you are interested in learning more about agile, you will also like Planning Horizons with Ryland Leyton, CBAP, CSM, Business Analyst, Author, Speaker, Educator, Agile Coach and Technology Translator. In this podcast, Ryland takes the listener through the new rolling planning horizons to explain how they bring together both the big picture and the narrow view of change. 

Really, you should check out all of our 2019 podcasts including The Changing Customer to learn how to get into the mind of your customer, Leading Change in the Age of AI, Robotics, and the 4th Industrial Revolution: The Role of the BA Professional that looks at trends in the workplace and how BAs can elevate their role as change leaders, and of course User Experience podcast that explores what it is and why it should be important to you.


Check out our 2019 recap of our most popular blogs of the year on Analyst Catalyst and our most popular webinars of 2019 on our Webinar Archives page. Happy listening!