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Business Analysis

The 4 Types of Product Owner | Part 1

Understanding the 4 types of Product Owner may help those moving to a PO role have a smoother transition and better odds of succeeding.
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How to Drive the Delivery of High Value Products

How to apply both strategic and tactical contributions towards solving customer problems through building high value products.
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Business Analysis

Why You Should Attend the AGM

Benefits of participating in your Membership’s Annual General Meeting and voting.
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Be Bold. Get Inspired. Take Action.

As business analysts, we have a unique relationship with change. We experience change personally (in our lives, in our organizations, in our career definitions); we experience change through others (in their life experiences, in their business processes, in their technology choices); and we experience change as agents.
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Product Ownership Analysis

Business Analysis Certifications Every Product Owner Needs

Product Owners should seek business analysis certifications to advance their career.
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Building Business Analysis Capability is a Great Investment for Organizations

By building business analysis capability, companies can save money.  
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Business Analysis Community

7 Lessons Learned from an Accidental Product Owner

If you have been hearing a lot about Product Ownership, it’s because the skills, techniques and competencies associated with the Product Owner role have never been more in demand.
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12 Tips for Balancing Responsibilities as a Business Woman

How can today’s businesswomen balance their busy work schedules with their personal lives? Here are 12 tips to promote a more favorable work-life balance.
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Business Data Analytics

4 Facts on COVID-19 and Business Data Analytics

The need for business data analytics is on the rise. Here’s how data analysts are helping companies during the pandemic.
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