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Business Analysis

How Business Analysis Leaders Can Support Their Teams One Year Into the Pandemic

The pandemic has altered the state of work for business analysis professionals. Here’s how you can support your team throughout this time.
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Business Analysis

Share Your Voice in the 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Survey

IIBA’s 2021 State of Global Business Analysis Survey provides regional insights to help professionals and organizations look at salary, role maturity, certification, core competencies, and much more.
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Business Analysis

Business Analysis Mindset: From Strategy to Continuous Improvement

From strategic business analysis to continuous improvement and consistent engagement, you’ll find business analysis tools and resources to help you elevate the role of business analysis in the Q2 issue of BAM!
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Business Data Analytics

3 Reasons Why Business Data Analytics is Here to Stay

April 13, 2021

3 reasons why business data analytics play a key role in projects and program outcomes.

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Business Analysis

Set Your Mind Free with Pen and Paper

April 8, 2021

Using visual thinking in business analysis.

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Business Analysis

Product Owner vs. Business Analyst - Demystifying the Ambiguities

April 6, 2021

Agile projects, due to the short cycles of delivery, require a collaborative team, substantial leadership support, and a robust, agile culture to be in place to be called as working and successful.

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Be Bold. Get Inspired. Take Action. Leave a Trail!

April 1, 2021

As an active 71-year-old, Professor Locoselli has a lifetime of experience and achievement in which he has “left a trail” for us to pick up, follow, and forge anew. Here are just a few of the breadcrumbs he has left to inspire us.

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7 Ways to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience

March 30, 2021

The desire to become successful companies and create a recognizable brand means adhering to one of the important aspects of working with clients - real-time experience.

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Tips to Boost Your Business Analysis Career

March 25, 2021

Where is business analysis headed in 2021? These influencers share their opinions of what the future holds for business analysis.

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