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Harness IIBA Chapters for Business Analysis Success

Throughout your business analysis career, IIBA chapters lay the groundwork for success. Here’s how.
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Business Analysis Community

Why Business Analysis Impact Is a Must-Attend

Don’t miss this hybrid conference, which offers expert insights and professional development opportunities for business analysis professionals worldwide.
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Giving Back and Growing: The Rewarding Journey of IIBA Volunteering

For those eager to give back, IIBA offers numerous global volunteering opportunities for community and personal growth.
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Business Analysis Community

6 Levels of the Community Engagement Pyramid

Elevate career discussions by climbing the engagement pyramid and leveraging proficiency, connections, and IIBA career resources for opportunities and growth.
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Learn Business Analysis From a Chameleon

Aspiring business analysis professionals can learn a thing or two from an unlikely source: the adaptable and clever chameleon.
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Business Analysis Community

Business Analysis Blueprint — Masashi Ioki

In this month’s Business Analysis Blueprint, we ask business analysis professional and IT engineer Masashi Ioki about his professional journey, his engineering background, and the Takumi Method.
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Digital Transformation

Technology’s True Impact on Society

As technology becomes more powerful and influential, it must be used humanely and sustainably in our latest solutions.
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Make CBAP Certification Your Next Career Move

As the gold standard for seasoned business analysis professionals, CBAP certification can boost your credibility, expand your earning potential, and open up new job opportunities.
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Business Analysis

Career Opportunities in Business Analysis

Take the next step in your career by exploring exciting opportunities in business analysis.
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The Analyst Catalyst blog is dedicated to the practice of business analysis and its professionals. Talented writers with a business analysis story to tell are always welcome to contribute.

All blog content should be original and not previously published or AI-generated/assisted. While we encourage a variety of voices and perspectives, below are some guidelines you may find helpful. 

Aim for between 600 and 800 words. Your writing style should be conversational, direct, and informative. A dash of humour always helps, but too much jargon doesn’t. 

Organize your content into sections to improve readability. Avoid overly long paragraphs and use bullet points sparingly. When including someone else’s work, credit that person or embed a link to the source (bonus points if you do both). 

When it comes to topics, your imagination is the only limit. If you want to narrow it down, we feel these resonate the most with readers:

  • Agile and Product Ownership Analysis 
  • Cybersecurity Analysis 
  • Business Data Analytics 
  • Careers (development, interviews, job hunting, resources, tips) 
  • Digital Transformation (AI, customer experience, open source, automation) 

Before you get started, download the Analyst Catalyst Blog Template and write in the space provided. We’ll take care of the rest!

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