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About IIBA


When you're asked, "What is IIBA?", what do you say? What is the profession of Business Analysis and how does business analysis enable every person to achieve more? There is a rich history behind the business analysis profession and vibrant IIBA programs that support building our ecosystem.

IIBA supports the recognition of the business analysis profession, provides standards and resources like the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, and offers comprehensive certification programs so people know they are doing business analysis the right way.



International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is a global non-profit association built to serve business analysis professionals around the world.



IIBA is committed to shaping the practice of business analysis to achieve better enterprise outcomes:

  • IIBA and business analysis is dedicated to delivering better enterprise outcomes.


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  • We advance the global business analysis community by connecting and supporting business analysis professionals, educators, academics, chapter communities and the businesses these practitioners work for.

  • IIBA actively supports the recognition and advancement of the business analysis profession.


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  • We work to maintain global standards for the development of the business analysis practice and certifications.

  • Founded in 2003, IIBA is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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  • Good governance is the basis for our decision-making. IIBA global board of directors is accountable to the members and provide guidance, oversight, and appropriate risk management. Working together, the Board and the leadership team support IIBA's long-term success.


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“It’s easy to have a great idea, but then all the hard work starts. As an executive who do you turn to? How do you transform? Who helps you with that? That’s really the business analysis team that does that.”

Keith Ellis


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IIBA's Values

Respect, Kindness, and Integrity in Community



We listen

and are fair and act wisely as stewards and custodians of our profession​

We are

considerate, responsive, and treat everyone equally

We tell

the truth, do what is right and follow through with excellence

We work

together, learn from, and value each other