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Defining the Future: A New Path for IIBA

Defining the Future: A New Path for IIBA connects our core purpose to unite a community of professionals to create better business outcomes to our strategic plan for 2018-2020. 

Defining the Future: A New Path for IIBA

In Spring 2017, IIBA began a new strategic planning process resulting in a comprehensive research initiative to guide the association’s growth through 2020. This report, titled Defining the Future: A New Path for IIBA – connects our core purpose to unite a community of professionals to create better business outcomes to our strategic plan for 2018-2020. This research was influenced by the role of digital transformation underway in the global marketplace that is changing the workplace and impacting the practice of business analysis.

With the rapid and exponential advancements in technology, big data, analytics, automation, and optimization of the customer experience, business is having to adapt at an unprecedented pace. As this important evolution is taking place, the business analysis profession has experienced and will continue to experience direct impacts. Since 2003, IIBA has been the leading association for business analysis around the globe. As the dynamics of the global business environment have changed, so too, has IIBA. There will continue to be even greater demands on business analysis professionals in every role, in every organization all around the world. IIBA realizes that in order to capture these new opportunities, the association must ensure that it is responding and leading change and advancement on behalf of the global business analysis community of professionals, corporations, governments and partners.

In 2016, IIBA and KPMG released a comprehensive study on the future of business analysis. The study revealed that global organizations are expanding their expectations of business analysis, and the role of business analysis is evolving to accommodate the organizations of tomorrow. The business analysis community recognizes, that as the KPMG study showed, the traditional view of business analysis confined in IT or finance departments and narrowly leveraged for project management is no longer sufficient. Traditional skill sets are now foundational with more strategic, enterprise-level insights still required to add the kind of value that today’s organizations need to compete and win. The report highlighted that the challenge facing the community is to expand and elevate skill sets to tackle increasingly complex business problems; and, ensure leadership understands and leverages their full capabilities today. The report concluded that the opportunity for the business analysis community to expand and elevate its skill sets and ensure that leadership understands and leverages them is now.

In 2017, IIBA reached out to the organization’s broad global network of stakeholders to conduct an in-depth analysis examining the BA marketplace and the impact of the digital transformation underway. In addition to the IIBA and KPMG research study and an examination of leading industry research and reports, the input IIBA gained from its stakeholders provided the necessary insights to develop the association’s first ever comprehensive strategy and framework. Throughout the process, IIBA validated and gained continual feedback. The recommendations and feedback that IIBA received served to directly inform our strategic development.