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Chapters Overview

IIBA has 120+ Chapters in 40+ different countries around the world. 

IIBA Chapters are an essential part of IIBA’s ecosystem. IIBA Members have access to resources and events from hundreds of Chapters in many languages and time zones around the world. The services each Chapter offers will be tailored to the needs of their local community.

Chapters Overview

Within this module, discover more about IIBA Chapters:

  • The number of Chapters and their role in the IIBA ecosystem
  • Events and activities hosted by the Chapters
  • Chapter Membership, Affiliation and IIBA Connections
  • Chapter websites and directory
  • How to access your local Chapter
  • Benefits of being part of a local Chapter
  • Role of the Global Chapter Council
  • How to Start a Chapter


Global Chapter Council

The Global Chapter Council (GCC) is an advocacy network for IIBA Chapters, Chapter leadership, and the business analysis profession globally. Made up of an amazing group of volunteers, and supported by IIBA staff, the GCC is committed to IIBA Chapter and Member success by:

  • Addressing region-specific issues and opportunities
  • Fostering an environment of communication and collaboration between Chapters and regions
  • Recognizing the outstanding work of our volunteers and Chapter Leaders
  • Participating in strategic initiatives to mobilize and strengthen the community



Chapter Directory and Websites

Chapter Websites

Visit a Chapter site to access news, events, and other resources. If you are a Member, find a Chapter or Chapter website by clicking here.


Chapter Events

IIBA Chapters host events on topics of interest to business analysis professionals. Many events have non-Member event pricing if any non-Member wants to see what your local Chapter is all about.

Join a virtual event anywhere in the world. View all Chapter, conference, and webinar events by clicking here.

Check out the video to your right to learn how to access your local Chapter, events, resources and much more!

Sign into any IIBA Chapter using your login credentials to access Chapter-specific news, events, and resources.

IIBA Members usually choose the Chapter they interact with the most but can change it at any time in their profile.


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