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IIBA Logos & Trademarks

Guidelines for using IIBA logos, branding materials and trademarks.

Our brand, our story


IIBA’s brand

Represents the core of who we are. Our visual identity program helps IIBA develop strong name recognition by defining a professional look and feel for all our materials that audiences instantly associate with IIBA.

This policy applies to all brochures, publications, papers, websites and any other type of marketing materials (video, social media, mobile apps, banners, posters, promotional items, apparel, stationary, business cards, and other).

The standards described in this manual apply to all products, documents and electronic communications, even if they are not specifically mentioned here.

Please review the Other Trademarks & Guidelines section when using any IIBA® trademarks.

Trace the growth of IIBA and our continuously evolving relationship with the Business Analysis community

History of IIBA 2003 - 2020

For over 15 years IIBA has championed global standards for business analysis professionals through competency-based certifications, curated content, and building communities.

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IIBA Governance

Guidance, oversight, and appropriate risk management define our governance.

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Find your local Chapter and connect with local professionals, tap into resources and information to manage and advance your career.

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