Business Analyst Academic Recognition Programs

The Academic Recognition Programs provide an opportunity for IIBA to partner with academic institutions to ensure their courses deliver the appropriate level of business analysis knowledge and develop the proper skills to effectively prepare students to work in the business analyst role.

The Academic Certificate allows individuals to begin to explore and understand answers to questions like what is business analysis and what is a business analyst, while the Academic Diploma is a much deeper immersion into the field.

Academic Certificate in Business Analysis 
Academic Diploma in Business Analysis 

Recognition Program Benefits

  • Offers those new to the field of business analysis an opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to fully understand the business analyst role and the profession.
  • Enables colleges and universities to offer a thorough course or program of high value and quality that will encourage students to join the business analysis profession as the business analyst role is in high demand by employers.
  • Utilizes course materials that are aligned to A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) and approved by IIBA®
  • Provides the opportunity to advertise the school’s relationship with IIBA, demonstrating to prospective students the institution’s commitment to align with the top professional organization for the business analysis profession.
  • Provides students the entry level business analysis skills they’ll need to effectively work in the field upon graduation
  • Recognizes certificate recipients and program graduates who will be listed in an online directory on the IIBA website.
If you have questions about the IIBA Academic Recognition Programs or the curriculum requirements, or would like to apply, please contact us at