History of IIBA

2014: Reshaping the Future

Over the last 11 years, IIBA has become the leading association for the business analysis profession, and today IIBA connects over 28,000 Members, over 110 Chapters and over 220 Corporate Members.
The last year has been one of significant transition for IIBA® as we have worked to reshape the organization for future growth. With new leadership, new resources for Members and Chapters, and new defined portfolios for products and services, IIBA is optimizing the organization to ensure we can attain our vision, to unite a community of professionals to create better business outcomes.
In November 2014, IIBA launched a new strategic plan that was developed to provide a framework to guide IIBA’s direction and the necessary action to provide additional support and value to the organization’s Members, Chapters, Partners and other Stakeholders. 
IIBA’s new strategic plan is an innovative, transformative platform that will ensure a more focused and impactful approach for the future. The new strategy will help support IIBA’s natural evolution and focus to support the broad discipline of business analysis and BA professionals. For more information on the new strategic plan, please visit iiba.org/strategicplan

2013: The Year of Your Career

It’s all about you! When the association re-evaluated the “why” of IIBA last year we confirmed two important things:
  1. Business analysis is important.
  2. Business analysts matter.
At IIBA, we want our members to be happy and successful in their business analysis careers, and in 2013 our focus has been on providing tools and resources to help members take their careers to the next level.

This year, we introduced the Business Analysis Competency Assessment allowing BAs to evaluate their abilities against the standard skills in the profession. The Business Analyst Career Road Map, another resource released this year, identifies the many roles within business analysis and shows the different options available based on a BA’s experience.

More resources are coming – we hope IIBA members are taking full advantage of their membership benefits. Watch our 10th Anniversary Webinar, held on Nov 19, 2013.

2012: Stewarding the Global Community of Practice

To continue to grow the organization and gain even greater recognition for the business analysis profession, IIBA has introduced the Global Community of Practice (GCOP). The purpose of the GCOP is to engage every member of the BA community who cares about the success of the profession in order to move it forward. IIBA is facilitating this initiative by creating a consistent message around the products and services offered by the association, which will add even more value for important stakeholders. In March, IIBA achieved the major milestone of reaching 25,000 members worldwide.

2011: Building the Business Case for Business Analysis

Even though IIBA had over 16,000 members at the beginning of this year, business analysts are still faced with the challenge of communicating the value of business analysis to their organizations. Using the business case, a key tool from the BA toolkit, our goal this year is to help BAs develop the Business Case for Business Analysis in order to demonstrate to the leadership in their companies how important business analysis is to the company's success.

2010: Taking Business Analysis to the Next Level

To take business analysis to the next level, our focus this year was on engaging business analysts from around the world. An important initiative to achieve this was the introduction of the Global Membership Program designed to make IIBA more accessible to all business analysts. Membership jumped to more than 11,500 members. We also continued to work towards gaining recognition from companies across all industries about the value of the BA role.

2009: The Year of the Brand

In the Year of the Brand, the focus was on building awareness of the value of business analysis. We wanted to help organizations understand how business analysis can help them do business better, and to get the word out about how IIBA can help organizations improve their BA practices. Membership grew to over 7,700 members.  

2008: The Year of the Chapters

For the first few years, our focus was on publishing A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide), implementing the certification program, building our membership which reached over 5,000 members, and putting in place the organizational infrastructure as we continued to grow IIBA. We knew that our chapters played a huge role in getting the word out about IIBA to the global business community. In 2008, our main goal was to help the chapters improve their operations and remain viable.

2007: The Year of Sustainability

One of the challenges for a new organization is how do you keep going when almost all of the work is being done by volunteers, with a few paid contractors? How would we endure after any of the leaders needed to move on? This year we put in place key processes and procedures to ensure the long-term viability of the organization. We saw our membership increase to more than 3,500 members.

2006: The Year of Expansion

This was an exciting year as IIBA moved beyond North America to expand our chapter network into Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We were able to spread our wings and truly became a global organization that year, expanding to more than 2,300 members.
2005: The Year of Growth

In year two, we worked hard to build up enough momentum to keep going. We had lots of ideas and were developing important initiatives, but there was much work to be done. Our challenge was to encourage our 181 members to hang in there with us to the point where we could deliver A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) and the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) designation.

2004: The Year of Formation

In 2004, IIBA went from being a working group with a name, to a formal organization - IIBA was born! At our first Annual General Meeting in March of that year we had 37 members. Our first major deliverable was to participate in the inaugural BA World Conference in Toronto, Canada.