Re-writing exams

As an applicant, you are allowed to re-write the exam two times, each at a fee (for a total of three times, where the initial exam counts as the first attempt), within the one-year period from the date of the application approval email.  


If you do not pass the third attempt, you must wait until after your application expiry date before you can re-apply for the exam. 


To rewrite the exam, you must follow the process for registering for the exam. There is no wait time between exam attempts. 



  • When prompted to pay the exam fee, you will instead pay the re-write fee.
  • CCBA® and CBAP® applicants: Once your re-write fee has been processed, IIBA will send you a confirmation email containing a new eligiibility ID number. Use this new number when scheduling your exam.
  • If paying a member fee, you must be a member at the time of submitting the exam fee; otherwise, you must pay the non-member fee.
  • The exam fees pay for writing the exam. If you do not pass the exam, you will not be reimbursed the exam fee.
  • If you do not take or pass the exam within the one-year period of applying, you must re-apply (and pay full application and exam fees).
  • If you were approved special accommodations in your first attempt, and would like the same accommodations, please email


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