Professional Reference Requirement

To complete the application, you must receive two reference endorsements from either a career manager, client (internal or external), or CBAP® recipient.  When two references are added to your application, an e-mail from IIBA is sent to them with a link to an endorsement form. For an example, see the reference email sample page.


These references must meet the following conditions:


  • At least one of the references must be a current contact.

  • All references must have known the applicant for at least six months.

  • A career manager is defined by IIBA as the person who is responsible for providing and preparing the applicant’s annual performance review.

  • Project managers cannot be references unless they are also the applicant’s career manager. The reference form must clearly indicate they fill both roles or the reference will not qualify.

  • Only two references will be assessed during the application assessment process.

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the reference submits their form in time to be considered for the exam date of interest and to do any necessary follow-up with their references. 


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