CBAP® Code of Ethical Conduct & Professional Standards

This is a copy of the text for the CBAP® Code of Conduct.  You must read and agree to this Code of Conduct prior to applying in order to be able to proceed with your application.


As a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®), I agree to support and adhere to the responsibilities described in the CBAP® Code of Ethical Conduct and Professional Standards.


Any CBAP® applicant, exam candidate or recipient who intentionally or knowingly violates any provision of the CBAP® Code of Ethical Conduct and Professional Standards will be subject to action by a review panel, which may result in the rejection of the CBAP® application, denial to sit the CBAP® exam and revocation of the CBAP® credential.

Responsibilities to the Profession

Compliance with IIBA Certification Rules and Policies

Compliance with all Organizational Rules and Policies

Candidates Professional Practice

Advancement of the Profession

Responsibilities to the Client and the Public

Qualifications, Experience and Performance of Professional Duties

Conflict of Interest Situations and Other Prohibited Professional Situations