Acceptable forms of identification for CCBA® and CBAP® exams

Primary forms of identification

Acceptable forms of primary identification must contain both a photo and a signature, and are limited to:


  • Current non-expired driver’s license with photo and signature.

  • State or government-issued Identification with photo and signature.

  • Valid Passport with photo and signature.

  • National Identification Card with photo and signature.

  • Military Identification Card with photo and signature.

Alternate forms of identification

If you cannot present one the forms of primary of identification that contains both a photo and signature, you must present TWO pieces of identification from the following list:


NOTE: The identification must be current (not expired). One must contain a recent recognizable photo, and the other must contain your signature.


  • Valid driver’s license.

  • Military Identification Card.

  • National identification Card.

  • Valid Passport.

  • Student Identification Card.

  • State/Province Identification Card.

Unacceptable forms of identification

  • Expired Driver’s License or Passport.

  • Draft Classification Card.

  • Letter of Identity from a notary.

  • Social Security Card, National Identification Number.

  • Credit Card or Bank Card of any kind.

  • Employee Identification.


You will not be admitted to the examination without proper identification, and there will be no refund of your test fee.


If your government identification doesn’t match your Prometric account name or is unacceptable, you will not be admitted into the exam and be charged a $100 USD rescheduling fee. Please contact the Certification Team right away if this happens.

Changing your name

If you change your name on your required identification after receiving your exam registration confirmation email, it is your responsibility to notify IIBA as soon as possible.


Failure to notify IIBA in time will result in the test center not accepting your identification and therefore, you will not be able to take the exam on your scheduled date and must pay $100.00 USD + applicable taxes to reschedule your exam.


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