What does it mean to be a BA student?

By Jonathan Nituch, CBAP, Program Coordinator, Sheridan College
imageAs business analysts, we are all busy individuals working to add value to our organizations. Despite this, some individuals take time from their busy schedules to study business analysis. What does it mean to be a BA student? There is a wide variety of people who choose to become BA students. Each student has their own reason and their own story. I asked the students in our BA program what it means to them to be a BA student. Here are their responses:

It means I stay relevant, while sharing and learning with others

To be a successful Business Analyst, I must stay current on Business Analysis initiatives and relevant information. By studying Business Analysis, I am sharing my own experiences while also learning through other people’s experiences.
I have been an Operations Analyst, a Finance Analyst, a Strategic Business Planning Analyst, a Project Manager, and a Risk Management Analyst in both the private and public sectors. Business Analysis encompasses all my past roles and is a great knowledge area to gain for all business personnel.
In addition, the Business Analysis courses are great prerequisites for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) and Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) designations.
Overall, I am a firm believer of continuing education and will continue to study Business Analysis both on-the-job and in-the-classroom throughout my career.
Wei Jiang, BA Student

It means I gain confidence

As a data professional working on data analysis and business intelligence projects, I regularly interact with technical, business users and executives. This is my third course in the business analysis program. I have gained immense knowledge and confidence in doing my business analysis job, as the course is aligned with the BABOK® Guide and it helps me understand the best practices for a BA professional.
Aamer Shariff, Systems Analyst, Food & Beverages Industry

It means I can sell better

Having been in sales of IT-Solutions for almost 10 years, it's just about time to pause and ask, “Now what?”
From the very first session of our Saturday-morning BA course, it's become evident to me that an introductory course in Business Analysis is quite relevant to what I've experienced in Solution-Selling throughout those years, mostly related when performing Enterprise Analysis combined with a salesperson's proactive approach to understand the Business Vertical/Industry of a prospective customer, and how applying best practices and following competitive trends would positively impact their business and the bottom-line... in terms of higher efficiency and/or profitability, in order to—eventually—close the deal!
At this stage, whether I'd pursue an IIBA designation, or at least complete my school’s certificate, depends on how I manage my way to make a smooth career-boost, leveraging the skills and knowledge I acquired while offering ERP, CRM, Portals, eServices, Enterprise Integrations, and Custom-developed software solutions.
Firas Addas, BA Student

It means I’m improving personally

Let me begin by saying every course that I have completed within the Business Analyst program has been a great value to my life and work. I have been able to identify areas of personal improvements. I feel that understanding the guiding principles of BA has kept me from collapsing under life’s complexities and requirements. I look forward to applying the collective program knowledge towards future endeavors.
Angelo, BA Student

What does it mean to you?

Thanks to these students for sharing their stories. All instructors were formerly students and continue to develop their knowledge. For me, studying BA meant formalizing my favorite type of work. I learned that business analysis is a much broader field than what I thought it was. It was exciting to see that BA could be applied in ways I had not considered.
What about you? What would motivate you to become a BA student?

Jonathan Nituch is a CBAP® recipient and the Program Coordinator for the Business Analysis Certificate program at Sheridan College, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP).