A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) Version 3 Update 

By Laura Paton, CBAP, PMP, BABOK® Guide Version 3 Chair & Sandi Campbell, BABOK® Guide Project Manager, IIBA
As we close out 2013, we wanted to update the BA community on the status of the BABOK® Guide v3 project. Throughout the year, we have worked with over 100 volunteers who have compassionately provided their time and talent in various writing and review roles to help us evolve and shape this next version. The year has been a very busy one for this team. The following will help summarize the work completed to date, explain what is in process, and communicate the work for 2014. 
We began the year working toward the first draft of version 3. During the summer months, we had over 70 volunteer practitioners and experts review and comment on the first draft. Thousands of comments were raised during this review process and each have been read and considered in preparation for the next phase of writing.  
Kicking off at the end of September and wrapping up in early November, a team of 23 volunteers completed the second writing phase, revising the content based on the feedback supplied from the practitioner and expert review processes. Currently, our Standards and Publications team is actively reviewing the latest draft and preparing the content for the work that lay ahead for 2014.
In January, the Core Team will be coming together for an intense three-day face-to-face working session. This will be the fourth time the BABOK® Guide Core Team has met to conduct such workshops. January's session will be dedicated to reviewing the draft front to back and working through integration issues. All the work the Core Team completes in January moves us closer to the public review phase. 
By spring 2014, version 3 will be ready for the entire BA community to take a look. The public review process will provide practitioners across the world an opportunity to review version 3 and provide comments back to the Core Team. The public review process will run for 60 days. Anyone wishing to participate will be able to access version 3 through a wiki and will be able to provide comments on the content through a feedback tool which the team piloted during the practitioner review process. As the time approaches, further communication will be provided to explain how you can take part in this review process. 
Upon completion of the public review, the Core Team will once again review all comments provided. Another round of updates will follow to address required changes. It is at the completion of this final round of updates that the draft will be considered ready and able to be prepared for publication.
In parallel to the editing and clean-up work that will be conducted in 2014, International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) will also be working with an expert in Publication, a Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer to wrap up diagram, image, layout and cover work. IIBA® will also be actively working to conduct a Request for Proposal process for translation services. The work effort surrounding the translation of the BABOK® Guide will commence once the text is available following clean-up after the Public Review.  
To all those who have helped bring version 3 along in 2013, IIBA would like to extend a sincere thank you. This thank you goes out to all of the highly valued volunteer writers, practitioner and expert reviewers who provided time and expertise in helping us progress version 3 in 2013.