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Volunteers: Passion. Action. Impact.
A Special Thanks to IIBA Volunteers

By Sheryl Tavoularis, IIBA Volunteer Coordinator and Janice Brooks, IIBA Head of Organizational Development  
April 21-27 is National Volunteer Week (NVW) in Canada and we at International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our volunteers not only in Canada, but internationally and let them know how appreciated they are for their ongoing efforts. Our employees are always amazed at the level of commitment and passion shown in the work that our volunteers do. Not to mention the number of people who offer to step up to the plate when we open a call for volunteers.
The theme of this year’s NVW campaign recognizes the individual volunteers who dedicate themselves to improving their communities, whether a community of practice or a physical community. Volunteers have a passion for getting involved. They take action to support the causes and organizations that matter to them. And they make an impact in our communities and for IIBA®, in our organization and to those they help by their efforts.
History of National Volunteer Week
NVW began in 1943 to draw attention to the vital contribution women made to the war effort on the home front. Although NVW was largely forgotten after the war ended, it experienced a revival in the late 1960s, when organizations stressed the importance of thanking volunteers across Canada. NVW was reinstated and has since grown to become the largest celebration of civic participation in Canada.
IIBA celebrates National Volunteer Week as we pay tribute to the many volunteers who graciously donate their time and talents to our organization.
Today, volunteers are involved in more ways than ever. Volunteers complete tasks from smartphones while waiting at the bus stop, on conference calls (sometimes in the wee hours of the morning), via email, online using collaborative tools, and of course in face-to-face meetings too. 
IIBA Volunteers perform many tasks, including but not limited to:
  • Govern our organization as members of our Board of Directors
  • Write and review content for A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide)
  • Write and review articles for publication
  • Support our certification process
  • Review training programs for our Endorsed Education Provider (EEP™) program
  • Organize, run and support chapters worldwide
  • Ensure our exams are up-to-date and current with industry practices
  • Foster membership growth by gaining a better understanding of the wants and needs of our current members
  • Provide valuable information, tools and tips via webinars
  • Conduct industry research in new and evolving BA roles 
Did you know that IIBA started out as an all-volunteer organization in 2003? As we celebrate 10 years, we are very proud to say that while we do have employees running the day-to-day operations of the organization (29 people work for IIBA Head Office), we still rely heavily on volunteers to keep us current and ensure we truly are the voice of Business Analysis. 
As of March 2013, we are proud to announce that we have 310 individuals from around the world working directly with IIBA Head Office on 10 different committees. That does not include the volunteers in over 100 IIBA Chapters who number in excess of 1,500 people internationally. We do expect further opportunities over the coming months for even more volunteers as we grow and change with the evolution of our field, individuals and organizations we support.
It is truly amazing how so many volunteers can come together from so many different countries to form cohesive working teams focused on a common goal. When you have that much knowledge sharing, networks and idea generation everyone benefits and we can truly drive and support the professionalism of Business Analysts worldwide. 
Thank you for your knowledge, your passion and your very valuable time. We appreciate you!