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IIBA Online Library: A Valuable Tool in Building Our Global Knowledge

By Kevin Brennan, Chief Business Analyst and EVP, IIBA

As we continually recognize, identify, and define our Global Community of Practice we are constantly reminded of both the diversity of our profession and the points of convergence that unify us.

The need and drive that pervades our profession to continually grow, learn, adapt, and innovate is something that we recognize in business analysis practitioners across the globe and across all strata of the diverse organizations that employ us. 

This need and drive to increase our knowledge of our profession manifests itself through a variety of formal and informal means:

  • Social networking tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and an entire network of blogs keep us up-to-date with current thoughts and developments in the profession.  
  • Social learning opportunities such as the wide variety of chapter meetings and events allow us to observe and interact with thoughts and thought leaders. 
  • Formal learning activities including training and academic courses, conferences, and webinars keep our skills sharp and current. 
  • Self-directed educational activities such as conducting research and reading books increase our foundational knowledge of our profession.
When not outright delivering opportunities to increase our knowledge in the field, International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) frequently acts as a way-point and communications vehicle for the community and its members engaging in opportunities to increase their knowledge of business analysis.

Your IIBA® membership provides you with access to, and information on, many learning opportunities that are happening around the world.

One of the most valued benefits of IIBA Membership is access to the IIBA Online Library. The Online Library provides you with access to over 330 books specifically chosen and directly relevant to the practice of business analysis.

The IIBA Online Library is included with your membership and includes books covering all facets of business analysis including such fitting topics as:
  • Agile methodologies 
  • Enterprise business analysis 
  • Business and process architecture 
  • Project management 
  • Finance 
  • Technology 
  • Training 
  • Team skills
Keeping it Current
As our community’s knowledge grows, so does the library. As new books relevant to the field are published, IIBA reviews them and whenever possible, adds these books to the library. In the past twelve months, twelve new books have been added.

To find out what books have been added to the library, simply click the What’s New menu.

what's new

Keeping it Usable
The IIBA Online Library is easy to use and it’s easy to find. You can access the Online Library from our home page ( on the Professional Development menu.

online library
In addition to What’s New, you can see what books are most popular with other users of the library. The Top Titles shows you a list of books that other readers have been reading. Top Titles can be found on the left navigation menu, right under What’s New.

A frequently overlooked feature is the Accessed feature. The Accessed feature allows you to not only see the books that you have viewed and when you last viewed them, it also adds a bookmark to the page you last viewed. When you click the Accessed link you are returned to the page in the book where you left off.

If you like a book, you can recommend the book to other IIBA members by clicking Recommend. Once you do this, the book will display on the IIBA tab in the Recommended section. 

Browse around the site and have a look at some of the many features that make the IIBA Online Library a valuable tool for your toolkit.

Keeping it Valuable
Outside the deep and diverse content and its many features, it is important that the library continually adds value to you as a business analysis practitioner. 

The library offers a few tools that can assist you in organizing and accessing the information available.

When you are viewing a book, the Tools menu provides you with the ability to Create Personal Folders for storing your favourite books, Add Notes to books, Share the link to the book, and Purchase a hard copy of the book.

createCreate Personal folders and store your favourite books in these folders. 

notesAdd personal notes to your favourite books. This is extremely useful for taking notes on key sections of the book that you want to come back to. 

shareShare a Link to a book with other IIBA members. 

purchasePurchase a hard copy.

IIBA members use the Online Library in a variety of ways; some use it to gain subject matter expertise in a specific area; some use it to grow their competency in a specific area of business analysis; and some use it to grow into new areas of the profession.

In his December 2011 blog on the Practical Analyst site The “Best Kept Secret” Benefit of IIBA Membership, Jonathan Babcock writes how he uses the Online Library: 

“My typical usage of the library is to scan multiple books by respected authors or on topics of particular interest to me. Of those I scan, I’ll pick a few that I think will be really interesting and delve into them in detail, taking notes and then applying and sharing key points of what I learn. The other “read later” books I am able to add to topical lists so I can refer to them at need, or when I have a few minutes to spare.”

To get the most of this valuable resource:
  • spend time at the library, 
  • get to know its many offerings, 
  • come back often, and 
  • make the online library part of your regular research routine.
The more you uncover this vast and valuable resource, the more you learn, know, and grow in your profession. 

Invest in yourself – take the time and sharpen the saw.