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Volunteer Awards Committee

Recognition of IIBA volunteers is critical to helping IIBA retain volunteers and members. 

The Volunteer Awards Program Committee will

  • Develop and implement the Volunteer Awards Program as outlined by the 2016 Task force. 
  • Develop a Volunteer Awards Guideline outlining criteria and metrics for the Volunteer Awards Selection Panel

Work with the Social Media team to promote and solicit applications.

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Volunteer Awards Selection Panel

Recognition of volunteer effort is critical to helping IIBA retain volunteers and members. This recognition may also serve to recruit new volunteers and members when they witness someone they know receive an award.
The IIBA Volunteer Awards Selection Panel will review the Regional Volunteer of the Year Award finalists, and select a single IIBA Volunteer of the Year award winner for each IIBA Region. 
The selection panel is recruited every year and will work for approximately 5 weeks to review the applications and complete the selection process. 
The Award winners will be announced at the new Virtual Awards Ceremnony along with the Chapter Awards.

IIBA Social Media Team

The IIBA® Social Media team members will operate under the program leadership of the Volunteer Social Media Business Lead to execute a defined communications approach using preferred social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, other as approved) to promote the IIBA Global Chapter Council [GCC] Programs to the global business analysis community. 

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IIBA Global Mentoring Program

IIBA is currently constructing the mentoring program with expectations to deploy the full program Q4 of 2018. The program will serve both the Board of Director Leaders and Members when fully operational. 
In support of that program, this current effort will focus on delivering virtual group mentoring sessions globally for the chapter Board of Director leaders.  There is a critical need to support our volunteers and the BA Community. This project will support the formal program with education and training sessions.
These virtual sessions are designed to:
  • Bring chapter Board Leaders together based on a common role or on all board member roles
  • Allow these Board Leaders to listen to a short, prepared presentation about specific Board of Director issues in running IIBA Chapters.
  • Provide facilitated discussions to Share support and solution options/resources for help
  • Encourage networking and Chapters Helping Chapters by providing a means for participants to exchange contact information and begin the process of tightening the support network that will provide ongoing assistance
We are currently recruiting for:  

Volunteer Opportunity for Quick Tips and Best Practices Articles

IIBA is offering opportunities for you to share and publish your tips, experience, and knowledge of business analysis. 

IIBA is seeking contributors to both Quick Tips™ and Best Practices for Better Business Analysis™. 

Quick Tips are nuggets of knowledge that provide immediate, practical advice to business analysts. They are a short, frequently informal, exchange of information between business analyst professionals. 

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Volunteer Opportunities with the GCC

The Global Chapter Council (GCC) is an advocating network for IIBA Chapters, Chapter Leadership, and the business analysis profession globally. Made up of an amazing group of volunteers and supported by IIBA staff, the GCC is committed to IIBA Chapter and Member success.

The GCC is looking to fill the following roles:

Regional Director - Middle East & Africa   Learn more
Deputy Regional Director - Middle East & Africa  Learn more

Editorial Advisory Committee

Drawing from diverse sources of expertise, the editorial advisory committee will spearhead the direction of the editorial content produced to meet the needs of the business analysis (BA) community. Specifically, the editorial advisory committee provides editorial input to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of content shared by IIBA. In addition, the advisory committee will serve to influence the future direction of IIBA content through new ideas and innovation. 

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