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Integrated Chapter Membership Fees Volunteer Opportunity

IIBA® is seeking to integrate the membership fees paid by members for both Chapter and International membership.

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Regional Director - India

The Regional Director for India is a volunteer position. This position is the liaison between Chapters and IIBA International for Chapters in the region. The Regional Director is to lead the community of Chapter Leaders from within and be the communication conduit between IIBA and the Chapter Leadership within the region. The Regional Director represents the voice of IIBA when speaking to Chapters and the voice of Chapters when speaking to IIBA.  
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Deputy Regional Director - India

The Deputy Regional Director for India is a volunteer position that reports to the Regional Director.  This position provides an opportunity for professional development and will allow you to develop your leadership skills as you work to engage with the local Chapters in India. 

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Volunteer Opportunity for Quick Tips and Best Practices Articles

IIBA is offering opportunities for you to share and publish your tips, experience, and knowledge of business analysis. 
IIBA is seeking contributors to both Quick Tips™ and Best Practices for Better Business Analysis™. 
Quick Tips are nuggets of knowledge that provide immediate, practical advice to business analysts. They are a short, frequently informal, exchange of information between business analyst professionals. 
Best Practices for Better Business Analysis™ articles provide techniques, thoughts, and experiences that have a direct and immediate impact on the reader’s practice of business analysis. Best Practices for Better Business Analysis articles are more formal and reviewed by a panel of peers to prior to publication.