Organizational Practices

The Organizational Practices section of the Knowledge Centre provides you with articles and webinars that will help you apply your knowledge as a BA Professional at an organizational level.


Author Article Member benefit
Adriana Beal Unleashing the Full Potential of a Performance Measurement Program for Business Analysts
Geoff Griffin The ANZ Technology Implementation of the IIBA Competency Model:  Reflections One Year Later
H. Sam Bourgi Prioritizing the BA: How Integrating Business Analysis Puts Canada Forward
Haldun Cor Organizational Benefits of Aligning Business Analysis with Business Architecture
Heather Mylan-Mains How a BACOE can be a springboard for the Business Analysis Global Community of Practice
Joy Beatty Measuring the Success of a Business Analysis Center of Excellence
Karen McKay Building a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence
Kevin Pious, PMP, ASQ, SSGB How to Develop Quality Business Analysts Consistently across an Organization
Max Isaac Interaction Planning: Using a Structured Approach to Getting Better Results from Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
Michael S. Zambruski MBA, CBAP, PMP The Enterprise Triple Constraint Yes
Sergio Luis Conte, Ph.D., PMP How to add value to organizations through business analysis utilization
Steve Hendrick Define the Best Analyst for your Organization
Tom Bellinson Enterprise Software Selection Due Diligence


Presenter(s) Webinar Member benefit
Derek Miers Focus on Customer Value to Grow Organizational Maturity
Doug Jackson and Paula Pierce Organizational Change Webinar: Innovation is Not for Lone Rangers
Greg Balestrero IIBA Sponsor Webinar Series: Organizational Survival -The Double Meaning,of Sustainability
Jamie Champagne IIBA Leadership Webinar Series: Practice 2 - Inspire a Shared Vision Yes
Judy Alter IIBA Leadership Webinar Series: Practice 1 - Model the Way Yes
Marlene Barker IIBA Leadership Webinar Series: Practice 2 - Challenge the Process Yes
Peter Johnson, Curtis Michelson and Michael Lachapelle IIBA Chapter Leadership Webinar: Run Your Chapter Like a Business Yes
Peter Johnsons and Curtis Michelson IIBA Chapter Leadership Webinar - SWOT Analysis for IIBA Chapters Yes
Professor J.P. Eggers Business Analytics Series: From Analysis to Decision to Strategy: Analytics & Change in Your Organization
Technosolutions, Business Genetics, and BonitaSoft IIBA Vendor Showcase - Business Process Management 
Tom Bellinson Selecting & Preparing for the Implementation of a New ERP System Yes