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The Digital Business Analysis whitepaper series from IIBA® guides the community by establishing a set of best practices and provides role clarity to help you successfully navigate the digital wave.  
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Empathize with Real Customer

The digital world requires us to think differently about business analysis.

A deep understanding of the customer is an essential capability every business analysis professional must have and incorporate into their practices.

The latest paper from the Digital Business Analysis Whitepaper Series, Empathize with Real Customer offers several techniques to do this, including methods derived from design thinking and other key approaches.

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Learn about the essential competencies for success.
Each competency will be reviewed in detail in the subsequent editions of this series.

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Re-Imagine Business Processes


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Understand Strategic Imperatives

Can you connect the dots and trace your initiatives to your organization’s strategic imperatives?
Understand Strategic Imperatives provides a framework to determine how to look for and trace back your initiatives to your organization’s strategic imperatives.
The paper also defines the key responsibilities of business analysis professionals supporting their organization’s digital transformation. 
Find out how you can connect the dots to your organization’s strategic imperatives.
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Crossing the Chasm from Traditional to Digital

The digital world and the business domain convergence requires us to think differently about business analysis:
Is business analysis going to be relevant in the digital era?
How will business analysis change to adapt to the future?
Are the current skills going to be sufficient in the digital era?
This paper explores why a new mindset, discipline and competencies are required for approaching business problems and solutions, and why new baseline best practices are essential for success.

Essential Competencies for Success

New digital strategies are providing a superior customer experience and in the process, are accelerating new products to market.
But what does it mean to business analysis professionals?

To stay current, BA professionals will need to evolve their competencies from an "inside-out" to an "outside-in" perspective, where customer value and experience dictate the transformation strategy.

Are your skills "outside-in" for digital?
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