IIBA Leadership Webinar Series
Developing the Leaders Around You

Panel Discussion
Date: October 17, 2018 4:00PM - 5:00PM EDT

The 2018 Leadership Webinar Series has focused on the valuable lessons learned in John C. Maxwell’s book - Developing the Leaders Around You.  
Join us on October 17th as we wrap up the series with a panel discussion.  Our Leadership Series Dream Team will summarize their presentations and take your questions about how you can develop the leaders around you and create a Dream Team of your own!
Kim Schilling, CBAP® – President, Minneapolis | St. Paul Chapter
Marlene Barker – Regional Director, Americas West
Judy Alter, CBAP® – Chair, Global Chapter Council
Kevin Haines, CBAP® – President, Winnipeg Chapter
Jared Gorai, CBAP® - Director, Regions and Chapters, IIBA International
Based on the best-selling book "Developing the Leaders Around You" by John C. Maxwell, Module Five Module Five will cover the ways in which you can realize synergistic value from developing leaders. We receive great value from those that we develop. Learn about the many ways we receive value back when we develop others.  
As we develop generations of leaders we dramatically increase our area of influence. Learn about the ways you can develop a follower into a leader, A manager is not a leader but with the right guidance can become a leader. Some leaders need correction but can be re-directed to become good leaders. You can also make a good leader a great leader! 
As we lead our local chapters and develop our leaders they carry our message and develop their leaders. Through this module we will highlight the skills and characteristics we can pass on to our teams. 
“One of the greatest rewards of adding value to people is that it comes back to you multiplied.” John C. Maxwell