IIBA Leadership Webinar Series - Developing the Leaders Around You - Module 5

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  • Reproducing Generations of Leaders
Presenter Kevin Haines, CBAP, President, IIBA Winnipeg Chapter 
Based on the best-selling book "Developing the Leaders Around You" by John C. Maxwell, Module Five Module Five will cover the ways in which you can realize synergistic value from developing leaders. We receive great value from those that we develop. Learn about the many ways we receive value back when we develop others.  
As we develop generations of leaders we dramatically increase our area of influence. Learn about the ways you can develop a follower into a leader, A manager is not a leader but with the right guidance can become a leader. Some leaders need correction but can be re-directed to become good leaders. You can also make a good leader a great leader! 
As we lead our local chapters and develop our leaders they carry our message and develop their leaders. Through this module we will highlight the skills and characteristics we can pass on to our teams. 
“One of the greatest rewards of adding value to people is that it comes back to you multiplied.” John C. Maxwell  
About the presenter:  
Kevin is passionate about leveraging technology and improving business process to drive business value. He has over 19 years of business analysis experience in a variety of industries using a diverse toolkit of methodologies. Kevin is a Principal Consultant for Online Business Systems, President of the IIBA Winnipeg Chapter, a Career Mentor, Coach, College Instructor and industry speaker.  
Kevin is a leader that loves to engage with students, practitioners and other business leaders. Kevin has degrees in Philosophy, Psychology, Finance and MIS from the Asper School of Business. His certifications include Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Management of Risk, PROSCI Org Change Management and PRINCE2 Practitioner.