IIBA Leadership Webinar Series - Developing the Leaders Around You - Module 3

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Presenter: Marlene Barker – Regional Director, America’s West 
Based on the best-selling book “Developing the Leaders Around You” by John C. Maxwell, Module Three will address Equipping and Developing Potential Leaders. 
Equipping is about preparing people for leadership. It is an ongoing process that must be tailored to each potential leader. In this module your will learn some of the best ways to model, mentor and empower, starting with asking the right questions, through to giving responsibility, authority, accountability and more. 
The very best leaders take people to the next step and develop them to reach their potential. Join us and you will also learn about motivating, striving for excellence, rewarding the positive, confronting the negative, achieving levels of development, making hard decisions and getting a return on investment. 
As business analysts, we may find ourselves in formal or informal leadership roles. This module is packed with practical tips, solid advice and pragmatic take-aways provided by John C. Maxwell, one of the greatest thought leaders and authors of our time. 
“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” John C. Maxwell 
About the presenter: 
marlene-barkerMarlene Barker, B.Sc. is Practice Lead and Senior Consultant at Veris Inc. a value and results-based consulting firm. She has a passion for bringing leadership to change and improving business performance to support the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. 
Marlene is the current IIBA® Regional Director, Americas West and Past President, Calgary IIBA Chapter. She holds the Prosci Change Management Certification and is member of International Society of Performance Improvement. 
Marlene is a University instructor, participates in Business Analysis Forums and Advisory Committees and presents at various professional conferences in Canada and the United States. Marlene loves to travel and enjoys international home exchanges.