IIBA Leadership Webinar Series - Developing the Leaders Around You - Module 2

  • Identifying Potential Leadersregister-now
  • Nurturing Potential Leaders
Presenter: Kim Schilling, President IIBA Minneapolis | St. Paul 

Based on the best-selling book “Developing the Leaders Around You” by John C. Maxwell, Module Two addresses identifying potential leaders and nurturing them for success. Every leader of an organization hopes to identify and nurture leaders. How do we make this happen? We will discuss how to drive the right foundation for this journey, specifically: 
Identifying Potential Leaders 
  • Selecting the Right Players
  • Assessment of Current Leadership Qualities
  • Qualities to Look for in a Leader 
The Leader’s Crucial Task: Nurturing Potential Leaders 
  • The BEST Technique
  • Choose a Leadership Model for Yourself
  • Is My Model’s Strength Reproducible in My Life?
  • If My Model’s Strength is Reproducible in My Life, What Steps Must I Take to Develop and Demonstrate That Strength
  • Guidelines for Mentoring Relationships 
About the presenter: 
Kim is a former Attorney turned Business Analyst! In her early years she practiced law at a large law firm in Minneapolis. She gradually made the transition to BA by working in the private sector. Kim now works as a Strategic Business Analyst at the State of Minnesota.