The Enterprise Design Framework: An Alternate Approach to Define Challenges, Scope and Frame Initiatives

register-nowPresenter: Milan Guenther  
Business analysts and Aachitects are facing a challenge well beyond defining digital systems or solutions; we are expected to lead the way into the digital future of a customer-centric, well-executing enterprise, while being apt to deal with disruption and rapid to adapt, yet our methods and tools keep us busy gathering loads of requirements and documenting today’s complexity, making us seem like show stoppers rather than agents of change.

We see people’s eyes glaze over at our long lists and complicated models, tired of the difficulties they entail. While we cannot ignore the complexity that surrounds us, we need better tools to engage, co-create, validate, and convey the transformations and innovations we envision.
This means shifting our focus to Enterprise Design:
  • From modelling the inner workings to covering our ecosystem
  • From solution requirements to holistic design practice
  • From mapping today’s complexity to future strategic scenarios
  • From operations and technology to customer value creation
  • From busy diagrams to capturing what matters to our audience
Join Milan in this webinar on how to reposition analysis, architecture and design work to reclaim the driver’s seat in digital transformation.
We will cover:
  • What the new digital customer means for enterprise modelling
  • Using the Enterprise Design Framework** as a holistic approach to define challenges, scope and frame initiatives
  • Running projects in an agile and lean fashion using Enterprise Design Sprints, adapting GVs methodology to the enterprise context
  • Systemic and proactive modelling in EDML to drive the right conversations, bridging pragmatic mappings with model repositories
About the Presenter:
milanMilan Guenther is a founding partner of the Enterprise Design Associates – eda.c, a European strategic design consultancy created in 2009. Milan has a rather mixed background, graduated in Communication Design at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf (Germany), and holding an MBA specializing in Business Information Systems from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce in Paris.
Having worked as a Freelancer most of his professional life, he touched the many areas related to Experience Design, Branding and Enterprise Architecture, and has been a popular speaker on international conferences on these subjects. He is living in Paris, or wherever his project work might take him.