Business Analyst to Business Consultant: A Practitioner's Approach

register-nowPresenter: LN Mishra  
Learning Objectives: Business analysts are change agents. Business Consultants are also change agents. However, the sphere and magnitude of change differs vastly between business analysis and Business Consulting. Many business analysts would like to transform themselves as business consultants in their career journey. 
This webinar tries to achieve the following objectives: 
  • Explains how the spheres of changes differ between Business analysis to Business Consulting
  • Skills common between Business analysis and Business Consulting
  • Additional skills needed for business consulting
  • A structured path to develop consulting additional skill
About the Presenter:
LN Mishra, ECBA , CCBA, CBAP is a BABOK® Trainer and President of Adaptive US Inc. LN has trained more than 3000 Business analysis on BABOK® IIBA®. He was a volunteer and part of the BABOK® V3 questions team. LN has authored over 20 publications on business analysis.