What is Statistics, Part Two – Survey Questionnaire Design

Presented by Dr. Mark Griffin
It is easy to suggest a question that could be added to a survey. It is significantly more complex to design a question that is not ambiguous; that contains the same meaning for the business analyst, the interviewer, and the survey respondent; and will lead to survey responses that are accurate, reliable and reproducible. Within this webinar we will discuss some of the main features to consider when designing the survey questions and some major strategies for testing such questions prior to data collection. The examples from this webinar will be drawn from the member survey that we are currently conducting amongst Members of  IIBA®.  
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Some key features that will be discussed in this webinar include:
  • The cognitive process for the survey respondent – comprehension, retrieval, judgement, and reporting
  • Question ambiguity
  • Vague concepts and qualifiers (eg. is the word “you” singular or plural?)
  • Faulty presuppositions and false inferences (eg. should we assume that all members of the IIBA are Business Analysts?)
  • Memory problems (eg. what sort of work were you doing ten years ago?)
  • Estimating a number of events (eg. how many clients have you spoken with in the last week?)
  • Questions about knowledge, behavior and attitude
  • Testing your survey questionnaire through piloting, expert reviews, focus groups, cognitive interviews, and split ballots?
Dr. Mark Griffin is the Chair of  IIBA® SIG for Business Analytics. He is the Director of the Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems, a member of the Executive Committee for the Statistical Society of Australia, and holds staff positions at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney. He has been involved in the design, conduct and analyses of surveys ranging in size from 20 to 140,000 people.