The Customer Experience Lifecycle – General Guidelines for Identifying User Experience Requirements Along the Customer Journey

Presented by Thomas Geis
Customer experience and user experience have become important concepts in manufacturing and marketing products successfully.
But how to institutionalize both concepts in the daily business? While traditional development process model start with “the birth” of the product and end with the “sun setting” of the product. A systematic approach to “customer experience management” uses a different approach: The “customer experience life cycle”. To identify and implement user requirements for customer experience, stakeholders such as marketing and sales must become part of the requirements engineering process.
This webinar introduces a practical customer experience lifecycle model that can be reused in projects as a checklist for planning customer research and to identify requirements for customer experience in a systematic style. Generic customer needs for each milestone are introduced that can be contextualized for every individual product development. The customer experience lifecycle can also be used as a structure for requirements management engaging stakeholders such as marketing and sales to actively specify user requirements.

About the presenter:

thomas-geisThomas Geis is Managing Director of ProContext Consulting GmbH and since 1993 full-time in the work area usability engineering. He is a dedicated professional expert in the occupational field usability and user experience and assumes, among other responsibilities in the following roles:
Chairman of the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB)

Head of the ISO Committee "Common Industry Format for Usability"

Editor of ISO 9241-110 "Dialogue principle for human-system interaction"

Editor of ISO 25060 "Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability - General Framework for usability-related information"

Holder of the Usability Achievement Award of the German UPA (2013)