Using Business Architecture to Track Agile Releases in a Digital Transformation

Presented by: Dr. Terry Roach, Founder of CAPSICUM Business Architects

As companies race to embrace the digital economy, transformation is sweeping across enterprise IT, in turn driving an appetite and support for strategic business architecture.
Strategic business architecture is coming into its own, and lighting the path for transformation, with maps plotting the maturation of critical business capabilities, value-streams, products and organizations underpinning an emerging digital business.
The principle challenge facing any transformation initiative is to clearly articulate the future state business model and the roadmap for getting there. From the outset and throughout the course of the digital transformation, architects will inevitably confront the question of:
  • How to identify, track and measure Business Capability improvements and maturation
  • across a portfolio of Agile solution delivery projects?
The greatest challenge is in reconciling the target business architecture with Agile solution delivery projects, and plotting a clear path forward for transformation towards the target state.
Learning Outcomes: This session will address the following topics:
  • The moving target of Enterprise Capability Maps in a transformation:
    • Do they represent the current state, target state, or transitional “milestone” states on the way to the target?
    • Or maybe all of the above?
  • Measuring the progress of transformation through Capability Assessments:
    • What are appropriate Capability Assessment Criteria?
    • How to assess the Current State, the Target State and all Transitional states in-between?
    • How to aggregate assessment ratings across a group of stakeholders?
  • Formulating the Transformation as a Portfolio of Agile delivery projects:
    • How to translate a future state vision into a scope of work for Projects, Sprints, Epics, User Stories and Tasks in an Agile Portfolio?
  • Managing the Roadmap to the Target-Operating-Model:
    • How to prioritize, sequence and align a complex set of solution delivery efforts across a Project Portfolio, with the Capabilities, Features and Value-Streams that are being transformed?
  • Analyzing and Tracking the Impact of Change
    • How to visualize the effect of an Agile release train on the maturity of Capabilities and Value-Streams on a transformation journey?
Drawing on a variety of real-world cases, this presentation will propose an integrated meta-model for agile business transformation, provide tangible, reusable project artifacts, and offer an invaluable template to guide business architects and agile practitioners as they lead their companies through the digital transformation journey.

About the Presenter:

terry-roachDr. Terry Roach is the founder of CAPSICUM Business Architects. He is the author of "The CAPSICUM Framework", a semantic meta-model for the design of strategic business architectures. He holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia where his research focused on semantic modelling of business architecture.
Terry has 20+ years of experience in the software industry including 15 years in senior management positions with major vendors of enterprise applications, most recently as the Director of Solution Architecture for Oracle Asia Pacific. He has extensive Business Analysis and Solution Architecture experience in the design and implementation of enterprise applications in over 50 major business transformation projects across a wide range of industries, in Australia, South America and throughout the Asia Pacific region.