Secrets of the Thoroughbred Leader…Are You One? 

Presented by Dana Brownlee

A critical component for a business analyst’s success is often times their ability to build and sustain a high performing team. To make matters more difficult, most BAs don’t have the benefit of traditional managerial authority over these resources and the dynamics can often be quite difficult to manage.

In this engaging session, participants will learn about the “Thoroughbred style” of management and why it’s often the secret to leading a high performing team. We will also explore specific techniques for managing team conflict, building a solid team infrastructure, influencing without authority, encouraging effective and productive team communications, and maintaining high morale on the team. 
Participants will learn the following: 
  • How to effectively navigate the team through the five stages of team development
  • Critical components to include in the team charter
  • Techniques for managing conflict to produce positive outcomes and preserve relationships
  • Best practices to avoid miscommunications on the team (and beyond)
  • Tips for keeping the team motivated 
About the presenter:

Dana Brownlee is a nationally recognized corporate trainer, speaker, and workshop facilitator helping individuals and teams reach new levels of performance. After years of team leadership and project management experience with AT&T, IBM Consulting, and EMC, in 2003 Ms. Brownlee founded Professionalism Matters, Inc.; a professional development training/consulting firm providing professional development workshops.  An energetic and dynamic speaker, Ms. Brownlee has presented to audiences in six countries. She has also appeared as a meeting facilitation expert on CNN and has been cited in numerous notable publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Glamour, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Working Mother, and others. Recognized as an expert in the fields of Business Analysis and Project Management, Dana was the original author of Learning Tree International’s flagship BA course, Introduction to Business Analysis – currently taught in several countries.  She has also presented to many audiences around the world including a presentations at the PMI Global Congress 2008 North America in Denver, the 2010 PMI EMEA Global Congress in Milan, Italy, the 2010 PMINA Global Congress in Washington, D.C. the 2010 AP-CON in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the 2012 PMI EMEA Global Congress in Marseilles, France.