Module Five: Value of the 360-Degree Leaders + Steps to Create an Environment that Unleashes 360-Degree Leaders 

Presented by Moeed Israr, CBAP, MBA, Strategic Planning Cornell University
Session summary:
  • Significance of developing a leadership team. Typically, a leadership team is more effective than just one leader.
  • Leadership starts at any level and leaders are needed at every level of the organization.
  • How do one progress to a more senior leadership roles. Leading successfully at one level Is a qualifier for leading at the next level
  • Being an effective leader at lower and middle levels make better leaders at the top
  • 360 Degree leaders possess qualities every organization needs

About the presenter
Moeed Israr is a consultant who works closely with organizations' leadership to develop strategies and lead initiatives. He leverages management fundamentals and strategic thinking to: 
  • Establish a strategic foundation that develops a strategic mindset and understand the role of strategic planning in creating long-term advantage,
  • Create an effective strategic planning process to develop useful strategic plans that have buy-in across the organization,
  • Implement the strategic plans by focusing on organizational resources to ensure its rapid deployment and to generate sustained momentum.
His current and past engagements include the National Defence (DND), Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), IBM Canada Inc., MBNA Bank and TD Bank. 
He is also the President of International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter.