Module one: Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization and the Challenges 360-Degree Leaders Face

Presented by Judy Alter, CBAP, FLMI, HIA, ACS, PCS, IIBA® Regional Director for Central Americas Chapters

Come join us on a 360 degree tour of Leadership. We will be using John C. Maxwell's book "The 360 Degree Leader". Session One will address the Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization and the Challenges 360 Degree Leaders face. Many people feel they will address and hone their leadership skills when they reach the top. Guess what? Most people never reach the top of their organization. They also feel when they get to the top they can do what they want and will be in control. This is a huge myth as CEO's have less freedom than someone in the middle. The seven myths are: Position, Destination, Influence, Inexperience, Freedom, Potential, and All-or-Nothing. If this sounds like you, plan to join us as we "bust" all those myths.
There are seven main challenges that 360 Degree Leaders face. We are going to explain each of the challenges and tips to "tame" the challenges. The seven challenges are: Tension, Frustration, Multi-Hat, Ego, Fulfillment, Vision, and Influence. After busting the myths and taming the challenges, you will be poised to become a successful 360 Degree Leader from the Middle. Please attend the webinar so you are on the road to becoming a 360 Degree Leader in 2017!  
About the presenter:
Judy is a lifelong Nebraskan and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Judy is also a CBAP® which is one of the highlights of her career.  Judy has been employed at Mutual of Omaha for 32 years and is currently a Senior Business Systems Analyst.
Judy has been involved in the Heartland Chapter of the IIBA since it was formed in 2007 and chartered in 2008. 
Judy served a President for four years and is currently the Conference Chair for the 2017 version of the Chapter's Annual Business Analysis Conference. 
Since September 2015 Judy served as the IIBA Regional Director for Central Americas. Her main purpose is to serve as a liaison between IIBA and Americas Central Region Chapters. Once again I am refining my leadership skills in a different way as most of my interactions are through email and conference calls.”