Webinar Live Panel:Facilitation and Friends - How Different Professions Use Facilitation to Leverage Their Results

Presented by IIBA® & IAF

Frequently we have heard in the past that managing groups, or working with groups is a competence needed in many professions. We now know that the actual skill needed has a name: group facilitation, and a whole area of study has been developed. In this webinar we will review how "group facilitation" impacts the day to day work of so many professions around the world and how they take advantage to benefit their work and results.
Outcomes: In this live panel, you will learn:
  • How facilitation relates to other professions
  • What is the value facilitation provides to the day to day work of business analysts, project managers, visual practitioners and agilists
  • What are the challenges that facilitaiton solves in each of the related areas
  • Arie van Bennekum, CPF - Netherlands, Wemanity Group, Co-author of the Agile Manifesto
  • Jenny Trautman, CPF - United States, President, International Forum of Visual Practitioners
  • Mara Svenne, CPF - Canada, Business Analyst - IAF Board & IIBA Member
  • Karen Schmidt - Germany, Over the Fence, author "Project Design - thinking tools for visually shaping new ventures"