The Effective BA - Going from Good to Great!
The Abyss of Risk - Don't Get Swallowed Up

Speaker: Paula Bell, CBAP, CEO/President,  Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC
Let's be honest, adhering to compliance and regulations are needed, but not always fun or easy. Actually, trying to understand how to apply compliance and regulations to the business is complicated, and frankly, introduces complexities that organizations may not be ready or equipped to handle. Unfortunately, organizations have no choice but to comply to avoid fines, penalties or other negative consequences. How as a leader do you lead through the madness of running your organizations, but also adhering to the many rules and regulations to de-risk your business? How as a project team do you ensure that the solutions being built are not unintentionally putting the organization at risk? How do you communicate the importance of ensuring decisions that are made are not putting the organization in a position where it is out of compliance?  Risk has grown into more than just impact to timeline, scope or budget.

What attendees will receive out of this presentation: 
  1. The fundamentals of risk and compliance
  2. The role the BA plays
  3. Tools to leverage to uncover risks and controls
About the speaker:
Paula Bell is a Business Analyst mentor, coach and author with 18 years in project roles to include business analyst, requirements manager, business process quality manager, technical writer, project manager, developer, test lead and implementation lead. Paula has experience in a variety of industries to include media, courts, carpet manufacturing, banking and mortgage. Paula has led multiple highly-visible multi-million dollar technology and business projects to transform businesses where she was the Requirements Manager or Lead Business Analyst. Currently, during the day Paula manages a team of Business Process, Implementation and Testing individuals focusing on Operational Excellence in identifying ways to streamline processes and help the business run more efficiently with an additional scope or lens surrounded around compliance, risk and regulations. The main purpose of this team is to be the first line of defense for the business to keep the business out of audit trouble.