How not to forget critical requirements for your projects?

Presented by LN Mishra, Co-founder and COO – Adaptive Processes

For many business analysts, non-functional requirements resonate with non-critical requirements. Stakeholders have very little idea about NFRs and NFRs often remain implicit. Lack of explicit NFRs can result in complete project failure and significant re-work.
This webinar tries to achieve 4 following outcomes:
  1. Learn about Non functional requirements
  2. How to identify Non-functional requirements
  3. Typical challenges in gathering Non functional requirements
  4. Best practices in gathering NFRs
The Presenter: LN Mishra, Co-founder and COO – Adaptive Processes
LN Mishra (LN) has 22+ years of professional experience in agile software development, requirements analysis, business analysis, and governance, risk and compliance management.
He also plays the role of product owner for GRCPerfect, Adaptive’s flagship GRC solution. LN is a practicing trainer, consultant and business analyst for more than 22 years. He was involved in multiple multi-country large ERP implementation projects. He has been part of multiple large system developments, in-country value system for PDO Oman and color data management system for AkzoNobel.
He was involved in one of the world’s change management program in PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading management consulting firm, in one of the largest privatization effort in India for a public sector utility agency.