Elicitation Without Alienation

Presented by Francine Wolfe
Business Analysts are supposed to ask a lot questions. Business Analysts are supposed to be inquisitive and detail-oriented.  Business Analysts are supposed to ask questions that make people uncomfortable? Sometimes in trying to be thorough, we Business Analysts can be our own worst enemy.  We walk a tightrope between getting to the heart of the issue and alienating the people we are trying to help. Instead of giving up or figuring that others just being difficult, let's do a little soul-searching and find ways to build trusting relationships to get the information we need without making our stakeholders squirm.

About the presenter:
Francine Wolfe, a Sr. Business Analysis Consultant, has more than 30 years of experience in Business Analysis roles. That's given her enough time to elicit requirements under many different circumstances - and to have helped others with elicitation (and other Business Analysis-related) responsibilities as well.  Ms. Wolfe's BA experience covers various approaches (Agile, Waterfall, Iterative) and various industries/subject matter (Aerospace, Telecommunications, CRM, Business Services, Real Estate, and Healthcare). After spending over 20 years working from within large companies improving business analysis practices, she currently consults with clients to assess and/or improve their practices. Ms. Wolfe is also IIBA® Americas East Region's deputy director where she has brought her experience to lead and support less experienced IIBA chapter leaders.