Cindy Brady & the Art of Escalation

Presenter: Jennifer S. Battan, CBAP
In corporate America and around the globe SMEs and stakeholder’s time is stretched to a breaking point. Calendars are full, meeting rooms are unavailable, yet deadlines remain the same. Oftentimes the directive from leadership is somewhere between “deal with it” and “schedule the meeting anyway- they said they were committed to this effort.” At some point scheduling and availability of stakeholders becomes such a road block that you must escalate the impacts to the business analysis deliverables. At what point does this escalation become tattling? Does escalating impact your relationship with stakeholders? In this presentation, we’ll discuss ways you can handle, possibly avoid escalation, and hopefully not be branded as a tattle tale. In this presentation, we’ll discuss: 
  • Planning and communicating to make the most of tight schedules, deadlines and SME availability
  • How to approach difficult situations and conversations
  • How to escalate gracefully; ask for assistance without becoming a tattle tale and impacting your stakeholder relationships 
About the Speaker:

Jennifer Battan is a Certified Business Analysis Professional™(CBAP®) with an energetic passion for the role and for finding ways to inject innovation and creative problem solving techniques into how BAs do their day to day work. Her passion is helping teams apply the art and science of business analysis techniques with ninja-like prowess. She works with clients to improve execution, mentor BAs, define process and deliver exceptional results within a change domain. Jennifer is a Past President of the IIBA® Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter, an award winning chapter. She has served in several positions on the Board of Directors over the past 7 years. Within the International IIBA community, Jen serves on the Chapter Support Committee and led the IT Perspective team within the BABOK® version 3 writing team.