It’s the Goal, Not the Role: The Work of Agile Business Analysis, Product Management, & Project Management 

Presented by Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting
The goal of agile teams is to continuously deliver high-value outcomes—as quickly as possible. To achieve this, these teams focus on skills rather than titles or traditional role delineations. So what does that mean for the experienced business analyst, product manager, or project manager? Where do planning and analysis skills fit into agile’s fierce focus on frequent delivery? 
One of the most vexing debates within the agile community is around the topic of roles. Typical questions include: What does the business analyst (BA) do on an agile project? Can a BA be a Product Owner (PO)? What happens to product management on an agile project? Is the product manager the PO? Can a BA be a ScrumMaster? Is there an agile project manager? Can a ScrumMaster also be a business analyst? 
Drawing on her insights from coaching many agile teams in a variety of industries, Ellen Gottesdiener addresses these questions and outlines the dynamic relationships between agile work, disciplines, and skills. Join in to discover how shifting from role-based to skill-based work enables you to collaboratively contribute to any agile effort. 
The Presenter
Ellen Gottesdiener is an internationally recognized leader in the convergence of agile + requirements + product management + project management. Ellen is founder and principal of EBG Consulting, which helps organizations adapt how they collaborate to improve business outcomes. Many people in the agile community have found EBG’s innovations in agile requirements discovery both powerful and practical. EBG provides training, coaching, and facilitates discovery and planning workshops across diverse industries. 
Ellen’s passion is helping people use modern product requirements practices to build valued products and great teams. She is a world-renowned writer, speaker, and presenter. Her most recent book, co-authored with Mary Gorman, is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. Ellen is author of two other acclaimed books: Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger.  You can connect digitally with Ellen via her Blog | Twitter | Newsletter | LinkedIn