BABOK Series - Agile: Tool Vendor Webinar

TopTeam Analyst is an end-to-end solution for collaborative requirements management and requirements modeling for the agile enterprise.  From agile requirements using user stories, traceability, business process modeling, automatic test cases to backlogs and sprint execution – TopTeam Analyst supports the entire requirements lifecycle and helps accelerate strategic projects and reduces project risks.
In this webinar attendees will learn how to:
  • Author agile requirements using User Stories
  • Document acceptance criteria for User Stories
  • Manage the agile process using backlogs, sprints, releases and burndowns
  • Build traceability from User Stories to other enterprise artifacts such as Business Rules,   Business Objectives, Data Dictionary, etc.
  • Link User Stories to visual models such as Business Process model, Use Case Model, Data   Model, etc.
  • Improve stakeholder engagement and reduce project risks using prototyping, simulation and walkthroughs.