Business Success in the New Economy, Critical Business Practices for the Complexity of the 21st Century

Presented by Kathleen B. (Kitty) Hass, Principal Consultant, Kathleen Hass & Associates, Inc.
This presentation begins by describing the challenges posed by what the National Academy of Sciences calls “The Gathering Storm”, the game-changing effects on business success of three intersecting worldwide phenomena:  the integrated global economy, the proliferation of the Internet and Information Technology, and the convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres.  These three happenings have forever changed the way the world economy functions, the way companies operate, the way employees work, and the way customers behave.  We look to the IBM CEO study that identified complexity as our biggest challenge; and that creativity is the most important skill needed in organizations today to manage complexity.  Furthermore, the 1500+ 21st century CEOs declared that they have not groomed creative leaders throughout their organizations.  We then explore two relatively new disciplines that are emerging to capitalize on complexity to bring about creativity and innovation for the competitive advantage of their organizations: enterprise business analysis and complex project management.
Learning Points:  
  1. Innovation requires two distinct accomplishments: (1) arriving at a novel, creative idea (the enterprise analysis functions of business analysis,) and (2) implementing the innovation (the project management discipline).
  1. Our current BA and PM maturity and competency levels are not commensurate with the demands of 21st century complexity.
  1. We need to close the capability gaps in business analysis and complexity management if we are to maintain our position of strength in the 21st century global economy.
  1. Complex project management and enterprise business analysis are both essential for project success.
The Presenter 

Kathleen B. (Kitty) Hass, Principal Consultant, Kathleen Hass & Associates, Inc.
Kitty is a recognized thought leader in the Project Management and Business Analysis profession, a prominent keynote presenter at industry and corporate conferences, author, consultant, and expert facilitator of innovation.  She is the president of KHass and Associates, Inc., a consulting practice specializing in strategic business practices, including enterprise business analysis and complex project management. Her expertise includes implementing and managing PMOs and BACOEs, managing large complex programs, and leading groundbreaking PM and BA maturity efforts. Kitty has served as an IIBA® Director since 2008, and served in many other capacities with IIBA.  
Kitty is a member of the Capella University IT Advisory Council, developer/Instructor for the Villanova University Mastering BA Certificate Program, and a member of the University of California, Irvine BA Certificate Advisory Board.  She has authored numerous white papers and articles on leading edge PM/BA practices, the acclaimed series entitled, Business Analysis Essential Library, the PMI 2009 Book of the Year, Managing Project Complexity - A New Model, The Enterprise Business Analyst, Developing Creative Solutions to Complex Business Problems, and her newest book: Breakthrough Business Analysis, Implementing and Sustaining a Value-based BA Practice.