How to Mitigate Resistance to Change

Presented by Maureen McVey, CBAP
The BABOK® Guide v2.0 Task (7.3) Assess Organizational Readiness is important for the success of a change initiative.  An organizational readiness assessment describes the effect a new solution will have on an organization and whether it is prepared for the change that the solution will cause.
In this session Maureen McVey, CBAP, will introduce you to strategy to address the often overlooked requirement related to those impacted by the change. Maureen will introduce you to tools and tactics for assessing if the change will be successful and what is needed to address gaps.
Upon completion of this webinar you will be able to:
  • List the elements needed for successful change
  • How to identify resistance to change
  • Describe the structure of an effective change team
  • List the tools that can help with change