Key Considerations for a BA While Addressing Requirements for a Mobile Solution

Presented by Ranjit Anand and Shanthala Rao, Boston Technology Corporation
The exercise of requirement gathering and analysis for software applications has been around for quite some time. However, do the conventionally used yardsticks and guiding principles of business analysis, still hold ground in the face of the disruptive mobile technologies today? While they definitely do, there is a strongly-felt need, for an additional cognizance of the Mobility Factor.
The Mobility Factor drives several considerations while building a mobile solution.  These include the ones brought about by the unique characteristics of the mobile platform - limited screen space, availability of native device features, the ‘on-the-move’ behavior of the user/device etc.  However, it is important to note that mobility is not just about making things work on the mobile platform; it’s also about doing them better as compared to conventional platforms. Right from improving the workflows of the business process to capturing data with greater accuracy and delivering the best user experience, the Mobility Factor brings in umpteen opportunities for improvisation in the form of the mobile solution.
This webinar will discuss how you, as a Business Analyst, can style your work to incorporate the Mobility Factor. We will cover a range of mobile-specific considerations that can help you design your mobile solution to best address your business needs.
- Leveraging features provided by the mobile platform
- Using mobility to enhance/improve the business solution 
- Delivering a good user experience on the mobile device
The Speakers
Ranjit Anand is the Director, Solutions Delivery at Boston Technology Corporation, a custom mobile and web application development firm. He has an impeccable track record in leading and driving successful project delivery using a structured approach.
He has been involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle and has been at the helm of large, complex, and highly visible web and mobile projects.
Shanthala Rao is a Senior Business Analyst with Boston Technology Corporation. She has been involved in a number of mobile projects ranging from utility consumer apps to large-scale enterprise mobile solutions. 
Having worked with a clientele range spanning hospitals, manufacturing houses, tech firms, universities, start-ups, industry entrepreneurs and veterans; her experience across domains and the various stages of the SDLC, has been rich and insightful.