How to Introduce The Decision Model to your Organization Successfully

Presented by Barbara Von Halle, Managing Partner, Knowledge Partners International, LLC
The practice of Decision Modeling and Management is becoming widely accepted as the best way for organizations to transform business logic and business rules, often buried in process models or code, into a highly visible, changeable, reusable asset.  Doing so enables Business and IT to collaborate effectively and efficiently while executing organizational strategy.  Productivity and agility improvements over other approaches have proven to be significant, sometimes game-changing.
Published in 2009, The Decision Model, provides organizations with a uniquely rigorous, technology independent framework for business decision modeling.  The Decision Model finds its way into organizations in many different ways: through a Center of Excellence, a pending crisis or opportunity, an inspired individual, or a small investigative group.
Regardless, all paths to organizational decision modeling encounter a common question: How do you introduce The Decision Model into an organization?  More specifically, how do you gain management attention for delivering decision models as a standard practice? This webinar addresses that question.
This webinar will
  • Describe goals for a presentation for introducing The Decision Model to a management audience.  
  • Provide insight on creating a visual story targeted at your organization’s needs.  
  • Highlight the key points you should include in your presentation 
The Presenter
Barbara von Halle, of KPI is co-inventor of The Decision Model (TDM) and The Event Model and co-author of the book The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology. As the 5th recipient of IDAMA’s Outstanding Individual Achievement Award, she was inducted into its Hall of Fame. Barbara is a TDM journalist for