Being a BA - Technical Excellence Webinar: From Use Cases to Requirements – Part 2

Presented by Tom Karasmanis
When eliciting and documenting requirements, should we capture them with use cases or with traditional functional requirements? In Part I we looked at use cases and their limitations and how the various requirements types complement use cases to provide a complete picture of the target solution. We also learned the characteristics of good use cases and functional requirements.

In this, the second part of the series on use cases and requirements, we look at writing good requirements and use cases as well as deriving requirements from use cases. Upon completion of this session you will:
  • Write a good functional requirement
  • Write a good non-functional requirement
  • Write a good use case
  • Derive requirements from use cases
The Presenter
Tom Karasmanis is a Senior Consultant with over 25 years of experience in IT, including roles as a Business Architect, Business/Systems Analyst, Project Leader, Technical Architect, and Software Engineer. He has worked in publishing, healthcare, public sector, banking, financial services, insurance, supply chain, telecommunications and retail.