Focus On Customer Value To Grow Organizational Maturity

Presented by Derek Miers
Most organizations aspire to implement outside-in, customer-focused, cross-functional processes that transform the culture of their organization and set it on the path toward continuous improvement. They are on a journey — but while the long-term goal might be apparent, how to get there and the challenges on the immediate road ahead are usually far less clear. Many of these challenges represent entrenched, thorny organizational issues that are difficult to tackle. Therefore, learning from other travelers who have been down the road before can help you avoid obstacles and chart a route that moves the organization forward. This webinar sets out a body of research based on survey data from more than 500 organizational change programs. It will articulate a set of best practices, strategies, techniques, and engagement methods to support organizational transformation.
Key takeaways:
  • Transformation goals and challenges evolve as maturity improves.
  • How mature organizations focus on customer-facing processes and working outside-in changes the engagement dynamic.
  • Debunking the change failure myth - how change programs in higher-maturity firms almost never fail.
  • Best practice methods to engage the organization in an outside-in customer transformation.
The Presenter
Derek Miers, Principal Consultant Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals.
Derek’s consulting practice focuses on facilitating organizational change programs; helping clients leverage Forrester's proprietary research and expertise to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of their stakeholders. For the last two years, Derek led the business architecture research practice within Forrester. Prior to that he held a similar position focused on business process management and organizational transformation.
Derek focuses on the methods, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques, and technologies of business architecture, transformation and target operating models; BPM; business process improvement; and organizational change. He places a special emphasis on an outside-in, outcome-based, customer-focused approach. His engagements usually focus on helping organizations charter and establish their change program, ensuring the change has the best chance of success.
Derek is an internationally recognized expert in business process management (BPM) and organizational transformation. He has worked in this area for more than 25 years, dealing with major brands, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Derek is a well-known keynote speaker and chair of major BPM conferences. He worked as an independent Industry Analyst for 18 years prior to joining Forrester. As co-chair of, he helped merge the organization with the Object Management Group (OMG). Derek completed the Early Growth Executive Program at London Business School.