Agile Test-Driven Requirements Management Using BDD-Style Executable Specifications

Presented by Ted Kerr, CBAP VP Marketing IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter
For several years now, there has been a significant movement toward using a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach within the Agile software developer community. Test-Driven Requirements Management helps BAs to ensure: all requirements are aligned to a business need; application behaviour is obvious and testable; and it is safe to change requirements.  Product owners, BAs, testers and developers use tests as the central element for requirements collaboration: this is the premise of using a Test-Driven (or Test-First) approach. Quality is baked into the solution from the very beginning of the project and a full set of executable specifications can be included inside the working software. Testing is not left to a bunch of isolated individuals off on an island somewhere, far removed from evolving requirements and evolving code.
Learning Objectives:
  1. How to use Given-When-Then to capture behaviour and document requirements.  
  2. How automated scenario tests can become executable specifications.  
  3. The effectiveness of writing requirements, tests and code for a given feature in parallel. 
The Presenter
Ted Kerr, CBAP, is a consultant with Fujitsu and is VP of Marketing for the IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter in Ontario, Canada. Ted is innovative and pragmatic; he works collaboratively by nature. He loves to open up communication channels to get the heart of the issue. Ted has continually honed his technical skills while also working with the business side of IT and in the DevOps space. Tweet Ted @tkerr4.