World Business Cultures – 7 Rules of Engagement

Presented by Barry Tomalin, MA, Senior Lecturer in International Communication and Cultural Awareness, University of Stirling
The secret of understanding the world's business cultures is knowing what to look for. 
If you understand the seven rules you will save time and effort in preparing to deal with overseas colleagues, partners and clients in multinational corporations, Joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. It is estimated that 50% of mergers and acquisitions fail because partners ignore the 'cultural chemistry'. The seven rules will ensure you or your trainees are not one of them.
Key Learning Points:
  • The Seven rules of culture and how to apply them
  • The ECOLE principle of what to look for in another culture
  • How to research a business culture
About the Presenter
Barry is an international business consultant and writer, lecturer and broadcaster, specialising in cultural awareness and international communication. Barry has worked in over 60 countries and lived in Algeria, France and West Africa, working for International House and the British Council. He also worked as a producer and broadcaster for the BBC World Service. He is the author of a number of books on English Language and culture, including 'World Business Cultures - a handbook' (3rd edition) Thorogood Publishing 2014.