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Being a BA - BA Technical Webinar Series with Tom Karasmanis (Members Webinar)
I think Tom Karasmanis’ Webinars are the best thing about IIBA International membership (other than chapter meetings, of course!). I've recommended them to people who have contacted me about learning about BA work. 
Next week, I start a new contract position writing use cases.  I last wrote use cases two years ago. To refresh my knowledge of use cases, I turned to Tom Karasmanis' Technical Excellence Webinars available on the IIBA International Website. Tom is very good at defining terms and describing how he approaches BA work. For example, in the Webinar on use cases and scenarios, he clearly defines scenarios vs. use cases and describes these types of flows: basic flow, exception flow, alternate flow, and optional flow. Throughout the entire Webinar, he uses one example to describe his approach to creating use cases and when he would use a top-down vs. bottom-up approach to eliciting requirements. Companies have different ways of eliciting and documenting requirements, so it's great to turn to Tom's Webinars to learn best practices. 
Kathy Longar, Business Analyst  

Being a BA - BA Technical Webinar Series with Tom Karasmanis (Members Webinar)

I’d like to take the opportunity to provide some feedback with regard to the latest in the BA Technical Webinar Series: ‘Modelling Business Processes’.
This was my first Webinar as an IIBA member and I can safely say it was absolutely worth going; the presenter was definitely an expert in his field.
Whilst the theory was relatively straightforward, it was the questions posed and the answers provided that yielded the most value for me personally. These exchanges really allowed me to see and learn from the knowledge of an experienced IT Professional, especially regarding how he would go about particular scenarios or challenges that I too face in my day-to-day role.
The only aspect I believe could be improved was the introduction to the Webinar; the presenter did not state the goals/objectives of the webinar from the outset. As a result I found myself wondering which areas in the presentation were key for me, as well as whether there would be more detail later on. Adding a suitable minute introduction would set the scope so that participants can clearly see where the value for them lies. 
* IIBA Note - this feedback was passed along and Tom is incorporating it into upcoming webinars.
Overall, a great experience and I cannot wait to join the next technical webinar!
Kind Regards,
Ben McDermott

Being a BA - BA Technical Webinar Series with Tom Karasmanis (Members Webinar)

Dear IIBA,
I’d like to extend my hardy thanks on the excellent webinar presentation this evening. The Technical Excellence series alone is worth the membership fee and, per usual, Tom offered his extensive practical experience to bridge the technical concepts with real-world application for ease of understanding.
This evening’s topic itself, Overview of UML, is especially valuable. As you know, customers eat it up when a BA walks in with analytical diagrams. They instill a sense that they’re getting their money’s worth and what a way to exhibit ‘I understand your business processes’ – they can see it!  They’re invaluable to the BA as well to help identify gaps in the requirements. Most people are visual and these diagrams serve to communicate requirements much better than 150 software shalls. Developers hate to read (or write for that matter) so they love these products, too, as does the test team when they can visualize behavior/process in order to design tests.
Bravo zulu!
William Crisp  SW Systems Eng | Reqs Mgr
Science Applications International Corporation

Exploring the BABOK® Guide Webinar Series: Episode 5 - Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Requirements and Dependencies (CARRDS) with Julian Sammy, IIBA, Amanda Bennett, and Charlotte Bonner (Public Webinar)

Subject: Excellent webinar
I just attended the IIBA webinar held today on Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Requirements and Dependencies. It was excellent. All the panelists recognized the realities of the real world (for example BAs not given a chance to work on the business case) and had some very good points on how to address these issues. 
Great job! And thank you Maureen for moderating. I think you did great at giving all the panelists enough air time and raising the comments and questions from the audience.
Emily Tom, CBAP
Senior Consultant

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