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We would like to thank the Sponsors of IIBA® for supporting the organization. This series gives you an in-depth view of these companies and their products and services.

Please note that the inclusion of these webinars on the IIBA website, Webinar e-bulletins, or the BA Connection newsletter does not imply endorsement by IIBA. The content of the webinars have not been reviewed or approved by IIBA. These webinars will be hosted by the Sponsor as part of the Sponsors' own webinar program. Any questions should be directed to the administrator(s) of these webinars.


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Archived Webinars

Webinar Title Sponsor Watch Date Broadcasted
Organizational Survival: The Double Meaning of Sustainability
Greg Balestrero, Strategic Advisor – 
Corporate Consciousness, Leadership, and Sustainability, IIL
Watch June 5,
Achieve BPM excellence with Visio 2013 and BPMN 2.0 Krishna Mamidipaka,
Microsoft Visio
Watch October 31, 2012
From COP to COE: Creating Measurable and Manageable Maturity Your Way!  Bob Prentiss, 
Watermark Learning  
Watch  September 20, 2012 
Saving Lives While Being a Rock Star BA - Featuring BA’s from M.D. Anderson, the #1 Hospital for Cancer Care  M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, iRise  Link  July 26, 2012 
Out of Sight - Working with an Absent or Geographically Separated Business Analyst or Solution Team  Steve Blais,
Link  July 20, 2012 
Effective Business Process Management with Visio 2010 and SharePoint 2010   Krishna Mamidipaka,
Microsoft Visio 
Link  June 7, 2012 
Top Ten Tips for Writing a Business Case  Dave Davis,
Link  May 4, 2012